In Nepal, there are very few job opportunities and that is one of the biggest social issues. All the more, when it comes to deaf and hard of hearing people, they have much less chances to be employed and earn money. DEAF SHIRU has been trying to tackle this problem by hiring those Nepalese and paying for their jobs. However, we are still a small and voluntary Japanese organization, so we haven’t enough budget to continue our project and to pay and run our website. Your little donations will be great contribution to our project and can make more Nepalese happy.

We would like to start it with three Nepalese who are the immediate members in the beginning. We can’t be happier without your support.

Further information is as follows;

[How we use your donation]
① Employment
We will pay the cooperating Nepali members considering their work. For example, their works are translation, making videos, and workshops.
→Goal amount for this year: $20 x 3 people = $60 (1 year = $720)

② Running our website
We will use your donation for services that are indispensable for our organization, such as website servers, domains, and themes.
→Goal amount for this year: Domain = $20 ,   Theme = $300

[Thank you gifts]
・A thank you message.
・A video call with us.
・Chance to try Japanese and Nepali sign languages.
・Chance to visit a Nepali deaf school. (But the travelling expenses depend on yourself.)
・You can post your information on our website with a support message. (Introduction of your own organization is also welcome.)

[How to donate]
① Support us on Patreon.
Click the button below to jump to the Patreon page. You can use a credit card or Paypal.

Please let us know on the Contact page when you support otherwise we can also chat for your convenience.

② Donate directly on a bank account.
Please transfer your donation directly to the following bank account of the founder. Please let us know on the Contact page when you support otherwise we can also chat for your convenience.

口座名義:デフシル -デフシル-

支店名:838 (ハチサンハチ)
口座名義:デフシル -デフシル-

In addition, please also contact us ASAP if you want to donate by some other ways. We will do our best to make it possible for you.