Share Your Stories

Share Your Stories

Why don’t you let the world know what they don’t know so far? Of course, there are so many people out there, who need and want to know your experiences, desires, and struggles.

We are trying to create opportunities for everyone to know about deafness and hard of hearing. Facts and knowledge about them are important but true stories of each individual are more worthwhile and related. We believe your stories have power to create a world where everyone smiles together regardless of deafness and hard of hearing.

Your stories will be shared beyond the sea in many languages!!
(English, Nepali, Japanese, Japanese Sign Language, Nepali Sign Language)

(1) Please contact us from this form or social medias.
(2) A DEAF SHIRU member will interview you in person or on ZOOM.
(Communication through only texts is also acceptable.)
③Check our draft article and edit it.
④ We will translate it into each language and upload it to our site.