Kishan Rana Magar🇳🇵

Kishan Rana Magar🇳🇵



Hearing status: Hearing
Responsibility: Interpreting, Holding workshops


Namaste, I’m Kishan Rana Magar from Baglung, Nepal. I work as an Assistant Instructor and sign language interpreter for Diploma in Computer Engineering for Deaf students. It is a three years computer engineering program focused for deaf students which is running under the full support of CTEVT Nepal Government.


Before I started working here, I was totally unaware of the Deaf community. Later as I started working, I grew close to many deaf youths who were dreaming to become computer engineer. Their diligence and the ability to pursue their dreams motivated me to learn the sign language too. In these three years of my working experience, I have picked up my fluency in Nepali Sign Language and special sign language related to engineering terms. During my leisure, I also volunteer as a sign language interpreter.


The deaf community in Nepal is very challenging. Still many deaf children are unable to get access to proper education or nutritious food due to poverty or other socio-economic factors. And they (including both the children and adults) are often ill-treated or misbehaved especially in the rural areas. So from my experience so far, I have concluded that they can also do very well if provided good opportunities like education, trainings, and employment. I have no doubt that they are also equally capable of learning and doing things as normal people. And, their diligence and dedication towards their work and subjects always motivates me that “Nothing is impossible”.


Working and being around with the deaf community always makes me proud and happy. And I’ll continuously work and help the deaf and hard of hearing people as best as I can in the coming days too.