Why we founded?

Why we founded?

According to WHO, it is estimated that the number of deaf, late-deafened, and hard of hearing people (including deaf-blind) is about 500 million which is 6% of the world’s population. There are only few opportunities, especially in Japan for us to know about deafness from any media or learn from school education. Insufficient opportunities to “know” or “engage” with those people lead to an uncomfortable society for them to freely co-exist. And I guess when you meet deaf people, you may feel some kind of confusion or uncomfortable feelings because you can’t get involved with them as you wish. 

I myself lost hearing in one ear, but I didn’t want to reveal much about it in my early days. I hesitated because I was living in a world (environment) where “disability” was somewhat ridiculed. I remember my junior high school days back in the past. During those days, I pretended to be able to hear and was laughing, even though I couldn’t hear well. And sometimes, my friends and seniors even thought I was ignoring them but they didn’t know it was because of my hearing disability. Then, I remember being very disappointed. But one day, I confessed my friends about my disability with courage. Their reaction was “Really? Then what can I do?” which was indeed a warm reply. Thus, I have the experience of making it easier to communicate with each other by explaining my problems and getting them to know what help I needed from them.

In the future, it is assumed that the number of deaf, late-deafened, and hard of hearing people will continue to increase. I would like you to realize that they are also a part of the same society who want to create a world where everyone can smile together by supporting each other. So, this organization “DEAF SHIRU” is established with such a motive. Here, we will provide their real stories in multiple languages, ​​and opportunities for you to actually interact and learn with them through workshops.

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